My Mojo's Latest Towel Shirts

Top Quality Towel Shirts

Our Towel Shirts come in 4 colours, Red, Light Blue, Yellow and Khaki. Our Towel shirts, are made with 100% cotton and designed to be worn in warm weather. Our shirts have very soft, brushed cotton on the outside, to create the Terry Towel finish, and on the inside the cotton is designed to breath and be loose on your skin. 
Coming in 4 sizes, with our iconic My Mojo Logo embroidered into the back of the shirts, and a pocket on the front, they are perfect for any occasion. 

Who We Are & What We Do: 

Summer 2021 will be all about post Covid beach holidays, and making up for time we have lost! Arriving in time for the much needed Summer of 2021 is My Mojo; This is a brand that specialises in summer clothing, with some very exciting products in production. Firstly, My Mojo's unique Towel Shirt. My Mojo's shirts are a based on the 70s Towel Shirt, which were rocked by many for more than 2 decades.  Made of 100% cotton, they are extremely comfortable and light weight. Ideal for lunch on the beach in the Mediterranean, relaxed supper in the Bahamas or around the pool in British sun.  They are designed for all age groups and come in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. The shirts are embroided with our signature logo on the back, and also have a pocket on the front.

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